Celebrating over 10 years!  The Sultan’s Tent evokes a nostalgic romantic vision of an exotic French Moroccan environment.  Its rich and elegant décor partnered with its unique and flavourful menu will undoubtedly leave you with a most memorable magical transporting experience.  Visually stunning and entertainment-driven fun coupled with our popular French Moroccan cuisine, The Sultan’s Tent and Café Moroc will transport you and your guests to a magical, unforgettable experience.

Our Moroccan-French cuisine menu will awaken your senses. We serve daily for lunch and dinner with brunch on weekends. Ask your server for wine and cocktail pairings that will truly complement your meal and fully complete your dining experience with us.
The Sultan’s Tent offers our 3-Course French Moroccan Dining Experience on Friday’s & Saturday’s. This includes a 30 minute Belly Dance Performance. Sunday to Thursday, The Sultan’s Tent offers our French Moroccan A La Carte dining experience with belly dance performance. Cafe Moroc offers nightly dining, drinks or dessert menus.

The Sultan’s Tent offers a French Moroccan 3-Course pre-fix $55 menu or a la carte menu and offers a wide variety of dishes for all pallets. Enjoy a belly dance performance nightly.  Our saying, “Where Toronto Celebrates” is true to the sense. Ideal for groups of 2 to 200!



A gift of the present King of Morocco’s father, Hassan II

Glowing on the wall near the entrance to The Sultan’s Tent is a magnificent hand woven rug, a gift of the present King of Morocco’s father, Hassan II, who inspired a renaissance in the country’s arts and crafts.  It’s a great piece and has become a popular background for guest photos.

As far back as history is recorded, Northwest Africa and the Barbery Coast of pirate lore has been at the geographical and cultural crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The result is an intoxicating blend of cultures.

The indigenous Berbers, plus Arabian, Spanish, English and French influences have created a tantalizing mix of craft, culture and cuisine in one of the world’s most artistic nations, Morocco. In the 19th century, many European artists were drawn to Morocco’s luxurious interiors, exotic costume and lavish hospitality. They recorded them in paintings that are marvellous invitations to other lands and other times. These and many other images, modern and historical, blend in our impressions of a mythical, magical Morocco.

Moroccan traditions of hospitality were born of the Berbers’ nomadic life. A Sultan (Prince or ruler) would have a beautifully decorated tent with intimate alcoves, and these were echoed when they built even more lavish royal palaces. The Sultan’s Tent evokes the setting of a traditional “diffa” (lavish) banquet) at which all are welcome and where the dining philosophy was one of abundance.

A sense of ritual hospitality, combined with regally prepared traditional dishes, earned the host his reputation. Our wish is for you to spend a relaxing evening with us, enjoying superb food and delightful entertainment among good friends.

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